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New Pin PAGE 2
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Back in stock

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New Patch
New Misc
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2012 Harley
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New Patch Designs
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Customer Comments:
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am in the quality of the patches that I ordered.Sometimes it's hard to know who to trust when dealing  online but I'm glad that found Smokey Mountain.I will recommend you to my friends and will be ordering more in the future. Thank-You !  
Angelo Tiberio
Al, I am IMPRESSED!  From the outstanding customer service in letting me know about a problem with my debit card, to the fast fix on your end, to the ONE DAY SHIPPING TIME, and not to mention the quality of the patch I ordered, all I can say is YOU GUYS ROCK!  The patch was shipped on Wednesday and it was in my mailbox on Thursday!  Y'all have absolutely cemented me as a lifelong customer, that's for sure!
Thanks again, and you'll be getting another order from me soon!
I just wanted to say thank you for the super-fast (not to mention free) shipping and the cool key chain and earrings. The fact that you emailed me and shipped so promptly really impressed me, to the point that I posted a link to your website on the Women Who Ride forum. I've added your site to my favorites, and definitely will be a repeat customer!
Thanks again,
Thanks for the quick service and free shipping its great. Im not a new customer just a returning satisfied customer. Im going to check out your other 2 sites thanks to the info will pass it along to all my biker friends hopefuly they will order to. Keep up the good service its rare but refreshing.

John Pearston

Hi America, I just received my order, that is fast to cross the ocean!
I am very pleased with it, high quality for sure
Good trade! Those are some patches you wont find over here, certainly not for that price. I will keep your internet address in my
favourites and recommend it to all the country!(we are small)
Good feeling to show my american pride.
Philippe Lequet Belgium

I just wanted to e-mail you to say thanks for your outstanding
The goods ordered were with me inside 7 days here in the UK and exactly as described. I will certainly recommend you to the other members of my Bike Club.
Ian Campbell
I have just received my new t-shirt and couldn't be more pleased!
You guys are awesome. I look forward to ordering from you again.
Shane Pearce
Thanks for your email and prompt mailing of my patches. This is not my first order from ya'al and my repeat business is because of your outstanding customer service and quick shipping. Thanks again.
Steve 4-4-07
Thank you very much. I received my wallet today and couldn't be any happier. Great product, great price, and great speed on delivery.  Very refreshing experience in this day and age. Will definitely buy from your business again and recommend it to all my biker friends.
Thanks again,
a happy customer,

Offered here are over 700 biker patches, including Harley Davidson patches, religious biker patches, POW-MIA patches, miscellaneous biker patches.

Other products include:
T Shirts
Biker Wallets
Zipper Pulls
Biker Pins
Ride Bells
Vest Extenders
Hair Accessories
Pin Locks
Head Wraps
plus more items

For a number of years we have been supplying biker patches to bikers at various swap meets throughout the country.  These meets include Daytona Bike Week, Sturgis Rally, Myrtle Beach, and  many others.

We have come in contact with a lot of you fellow bikers, and have seen what the most popular patches are, and therefore have the most appeal.  Hopefully, in this site, we have put together a selection that will be helpful for you to find the patch that you couldn't find somewhere, or it just wasn't available at the time.

Our patches are primarily sewn on leather vests or leather jackets but may also be applied with heat on a cloth item such as a shirt or hat. Most of the HD patches now have to be sewn on which we recommend as the best way of attaching any of our patches.

Free Shipping
For all orders being shipped in the United States.
For orders shipped overseas we charge actual postage with no handling charge.
 $3.00 minimum order due to processing costs.

 We hope you like what you see and we hear from you, if not here, at one of the meets.  Enjoy!

A number of you have asked about custom patches, such as "in memory" patches and "road name tags".
Our son Mike, and his wife Carey, now have them available on their web site.
Below are a couple examples.
Custom Name Patch
Custom "in Memory" Patch
You can click either patch to take a look!

Questions or comments about custom patches
should be directed to Mike @

Back in stock and at a reduced price!

(click Patch)
 New style wallet
(click above)

(click above)
Beanie Caps

Available in:
Black and Gray Colors
Short and Long Sleeves
Ladies Shirts now available
(Click patch)

(click patch)

An exciting new line of Earrings are now available
(click above)
(click Patch)

New Harley Davidson patch design

New Patch Designs

(click patch)
(click bell)
New Ride Bell




(click patch)
Back in stock
(click patch)
(click patch)

More styles 7-28-04

Added Fireman

New size added 5-10-04

Over 30 Styles Added

for use with bike locks

Past Years Event Patches

Added 7-28-04
Around 150 designs
Added 4-1-03
Added designs 6-20-05

Added 10-28-04

Added 6-4-04

Added 7-28-04

Added 11-18-04

Added 8-9-03

Added 5-7-03
President, VP,
Treas., Secy, etc.
Added 11-10-03

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